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How Muscle Testing Devices Can Predict Overall Health

manual muscle testing device

In a variety of industries, it's important to have reliable indicators of an individual’s overall health. This includes hospitals, obviously, but this can extend far beyond that as well: insurance, pain management clinics, therapy, and more. Manual muscle testing devices can be an excellent predictor of overall health. Here's how these physical therapy tools can be used to indicate a person's health.

Muscle Strength

Manual muscle testing devices allow users to assess how someone is recovering from an illness or injury impairing or affecting their overall muscle strength. This type of muscle strength testing equipment can help professionals determine if existing treatments have been working to improve a person's strength, showing progress over time. Additionally, these rehab tools can be used to assess a patient's starting point in terms of their physical strength, showing damage that may have been done during an injury, and can help identify injuries that could go unchecked. This can help in worker's compensation, physical therapy, and a variety of other fields.

Motor Control

Additionally, testing a patient with manual muscle testing devices can help assess the degree to which an injury or illness has impacted their fine motor control. Injuries involving the wrist or hand can have a potentially severe impact on the person's ability to perform fine motor skills related tasks. The human body has more than 650 muscles, and damaging even one of the muscles or tendons relating to a person's grip can limit what small motor skills they're capable of. Testing muscle strength in the hand can help determine how a person has been injured. Additionally, this sort of testing can be used in cases where motor control is limited by neurological conditions, giving a better sense of what a person's overall neurological health state might be. This can be useful in a variety of rehab settings, physical therapy, and even insurance.

Manual muscle testing machines can be incredibly useful in a variety of industries that need accurate measurements of a person's overall health and wellbeing. Muscle strength and motor control are both very useful metrics for assessing a person's health, and these devices can help measure these things accurately. For more information on these useful rehabilitation tools and measuring devices, contact JTECH Medical Industries today.


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