• From Exams to Reports

    From initial testing to final reports, Tracker Version 5 makes functional evaluations simple and thorough. With a Tracker Functional Testing and Documentation System, your practice is at the forefront of evidence-based patient care. Read More
  • Digital Range of Motion

    From basic extremity range of motion (ROM) to advanced computerized wireless dual inclinometry, JTECH provides reliable, objective range of motion tools for your ROM measurement and documentation needs. Read More
  • Muscle Strength Testing

    JTECH provides reliable, muscle testing tools for your evaluation and documentation needs. Our muscle testing solutions helps you quickly document strength loss due to injury or disease, and identify muscle weakness in your patients. Read More
  • Hand Evaluation

    Because hand evaluations are each unique and require great attention to detail, JTECH Medical has developed solutions that simplify and expedite documentation, allowing you to focus your time and attention on your patient, not the paperwork. Read More
  • Pain Evaluation

    Every person handles, experiences, and expresses pain differently, and what we describe may not be what someone hears. When treating a patient who is experiencing pain, objective measurement allows you to quantify an otherwise ineffable quality. Read More
  • Lift Task Assessment

    From basic static lifting and NIOSH lifting tests to advanced dynamic lifting and dexterity testing, JTECH provides reliable, lift task assessment tools for your testing and documentation needs. Read More
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