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JTECH Medical Workflow

The world of personal injury and workers’ compensation can often be an adversarial environment. Without the right tools, it can be intimidating and challenging for healthcare providers to navigate. Many specialists, including Dr. Bagherian, depend on JTECH Medical systems in these situations to help them:

  • Consistently capture reliable objective data
  • Efficiently generate defensible documentation that is consistent with industry standards
  • Optimize case outcomes

According to Dr. Bagherian,

"When I was first introduced to JTECH Medical, I was pleasantly surprised at how any healthcare provider, whether it be a surgeon, occupational therapist, physical therapist, or chiropractor, could objectively and empirically measure human performance with such a high degree of validity and reliability."

Read the full case study to hear more about how Dr. Bagherian

  • Builds his practice on science
  • Provides evidence for reimbursement
  • Integrates a JTECH system into Medical Legal cases
  • Protects the patient
  • and global validation


Read the Case Study


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