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JTECH Customers

Our systems work, but don't take our word for it...
Any healthcare provider, whether it be a surgeon, occupational therapist, physical therapist, or chiropractor, can objectively and empirically measure human performance with a high degree of validity and reliability. There are competitors that can do range of motion, but JTECH allows you to go further. It allows you to take the unique considerations of each individual patient and measure for that specific situation, medicine is not a one size fits all. The system allows an examiner to measure an initial baseline after an injury and upon re-examination, capture new measurements that indicate if a patient has improved or not. Using reliable and reproducible objective data, the JTECH system allows the examiner to communicate with patients more effectively on how much they have improved or if there is a need for further care.

Alireza Bagherian, DC, CCEP, QME, DAIPM, ABVE/F Synapse Health Center, San Francisco, CA

I have a busy practice, and we are continuously testing patients to objectively measure their progress or tell us if we need to modify the treatment plan.

JTECH is an integral part of my practice due to the amount of information the system provides when it comes to functional measurement. Being able to show how we are following the industry standards in our testing and treatment plans is important to attorneys and health insurance companies. When it comes to gathering objective data about our patients, the JTECH system really shines. The fact that our reports can objectively demonstrate the patient’s impairment ratings and determine medical necessity in a defensible way, gives me confidence that the reimbursements will be there.

Alan Newman, DC Newman Chiropractic, Ocala, FL

I rely very heavily on the JTECH system to provide defensible data when I am presenting my findings in courtroom and deposition settings.

I can capture data such as range of motion and muscle strengthg in a short space of time and generate a report that is very clear and supports my documentation I submit to insurance. Prior to having a JTECH system, I would spend at least 3 hours analyzing data and putting it into a report. With the JTECH system, the actual report takes me about 5 minutes to create after I've completed the exam. I wouldn't think about using a system other than the JTECH system.

Jonathan Reynolds, DPT Orthology Physical Wellness

Consistent outcomes are the best marketing possible.

Developing a reputation as a solution-based provider over a service based provider is primarily predicated on metrics and diagnostics. I use the JTECH system as my objective way of acquiring metrics. We can see the impact of our therapy not only on pain, but on function.

Being able to objectively measure has helped me become a better clinician faster.

Don Reagan, PT Mountain River Physical Therapy

In our chronic pain clinic we use the JTECH Medical system to measure people's abilities and inabilities and to help them realize they can do a lot more when they suffer with chronic pain.

In the past, I would spend so much time just trying to organize my thoughts, now the JTECH system organizes my thoughts for me. The look of trust patients have in their eyes when they look at you...they are a part of the process. They then believe in the system and when they believe in the system, they improve their compliance.

Don Counihan, DC Boston PainCare Center

Being able to document and motivate patients with goals beyond pain relief has become absolutely essential. We do this in a very objective way. It is no longer me guessing or telling the patient how they feel. We have the ability through the JTECH system to document patient results, compare to goals and normative data, track their progress and report that to patients and third-party payors. I am able to communicate to patients in real world scenarios using high-tech equipment that the care we are providing is helping improve their quality of life and ability to function.

The JTECH system provides me with the ability to generate streams of revenue that are simply not available to providers that do not have this equipment.

Mark Sanna, CEO Breakthrough Coaching