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Commander Echo Goniometry Starter Kit


Commander Echo Goniometry Starter Kit CM300/CM308
Price : 1490 USDIn stock

Measuring range of motion for both large extremities and small digits is easy with the Commander Echo Goniometry Starter Kit. It is the perfect kit to help you plan treatment, track progress and assess physical deficits.

This kit includes:

  • Goniometer with extension arms for extremities
  • Commander Echo Wireless Console kit

The Commander Echo product line is completely modular, so you can upgrade to additional device types as your practice grows. One console will pair with up to 7 device types.

MSRP: $1490.00

Add the optional Commander Echo Downloader software to quickly and easily create reports from the data you have collected.

Note: Color of device may be different than pictured.

Optional Software Add-on
Commander Echo Downloader Software (AK141) (175)
Commander Echo Goniometry Starter Kit