Northstar and Northstar Professional are packed with useful features. Check out the table below to learn what's included or optional for each: 

Optional Add-On:          Included:   


Northstar Standard

Northstar Professional

Network Databases
Expanded User Security
Extra User License

Physical Tests:  Vital Signs, Pain Evaluation, General Appearance, Observed Range of Motion,
Amputation Condition, Orthopedic Tests

Manual Entry of Exam Data
Quickscreen:  Rapid Assessment Tool
Neurological Tests:  Deep Tendon Reflexes, Myotomes, Sensory
Common Questionnaires
Customizable:  Custom Tests, Custom Report Templates, Custom Test Sequences
Easy Report Creation
Colorful Charts and Graphs
Compatible with Northstar Echo Devices
Multimedia Help System
Statistics:  Coefficient of Variation, Deficit, Percentage of Norm, and More (displayed during test)
History Graphs Displayed During Testing