Echo Wireless Static Strength

The most efficient, convenient system for evaluating static lifting ability and strength for post-offers, fit-for-duty, return-to-work and functional capacity evaluations!

Echo Wireless Static Strength is the fast, accurate and reliable way to evaluate and document static lifting, pushing and pulling abilities.

Echo Wireless Static Lifting and Strength Evaluation is the most compact, light-weight and portable system for field testing at work sites and other locations! For example, our wireless static strength gauge weighs a mere 1.3 pounds and our optional Mobile Lift System Platform weighs in at less than 16 pounds. That means you can easily transport the system with a laptop and perform post-offer, functional capacity and other work-related evaluations anywhere. It gives you the freedom to position the testing station anywhere within a 30 foot radius of the computer without hauling around wires and being concerned about connections.

The Echo Static Strength gauge is designed to be rugged. It features a variety of attachments for two-handed pushing or pulling, one-handed pulling, and one-handed pushing.