Purchase Options FAQ

  1. What is needed to apply or qualify for JTECH Express Financing?
    Contact a Sales Representative to inquire about qualifying for Express Financing. After qualification, just choose from the contract terms offered and complete and return the contract (Express Financing Agreement) to JTECH. (See FAQ #10) Once we have charged your down payment, we will begin to build your system. Generally, we need 5-7 business days in-house to build and put your system through our quality assurance program, and then it is ready to ship.
  2. How can I make my down payment and monthly payments?
    The initial or “down” payment can be paid by credit card, check, or wire transfer to our bank. As soon as we have your signed and completed contract, and your down payment has been received in full, we can begin to build your system. A credit card is required for your automatic monthly payments. You may use the same card used for the down payment, or authorize a different card on page 5 of the agreement (FAQ #10).
  3. Is the interest shown in section 4 “Price of System” due up front?
    No, the interest shown is for the entire contract period you have chosen. Should you choose to make extra payments or pay the contract in full early the total interest amount will be less than the total shown for the full contract period. 
  4. Why is my down payment more than the agreed upon percentage I was told I would have to put down?
    The down payment is the percentage of the total order that you chose (i.e. 33.33%) plus applicable tax, shipping, handling and insurance charges.
  5. Are there penalties for paying off my contract early?
    There are no penalties if you pay off the contract prior to full term. The interest stops the day the contract is paid in full.
  6. How is my access to the JTECH system handled under an Express Financing contract?
    Please note that all systems under terms with us have this clause: “The software license will not be permanently installed until the system is paid in full”. You will receive a “site-key” upon installation. When purchasing with a financing agreement, the site-key is temporarily set for a specific number of days. On or before the date that the site-key expires you will contact us for a new temporary site-key. As soon as the contract is paid in full, you will receive your permanent site-key.
  7. What if I want or need to change the credit card I have chosen to use for monthly payments during the term of my agreement?
    Just notify JTECH of any changes needed to the credit card you chose for monthly payments. If your credit card expires during your term, please be sure to notify us promptly to avoid late fees. Contact sales support at 800-985-8324 option 3 or by email
  8. What happens to my software if my monthly payment isn’t made on time?
    If a payment is received after the 5th day following the due date, a late fee of $150 will be added to the amount due. If payment has not been made before the site-key expires, the software will not open for use until the financial issues are resolved. If you are paying with automatic credit card payments, your card will be run on the date indicated on the contract every month until the agreement is complete. If your card declines for any reason, we will attempt to contact you to correct the payment information.
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  9. Can I add on to my finance contract if I choose to add on to my system?
    Once a contract is activated, it cannot be re-opened and modified. However, a new contract may be created for the additional purchase and the payments of the two contracts can be adjusted to create one payment date. Contact your Regional Manager for details.
  10. How do I complete the contract?
    1. Page 1-3: After reading through the information, initial the bottom of each page.
    2. Page 4: Complete the “Authorized Customer Representative” information
    3. Page 5: Fill out the top section with your credit card information. Include the individual’s name as well as the billing address and zip code for the card. Provide a signature in the indicated field.
      *** If you would like to use a different card for the down payment, please fill out the bottom section of Page 5 with the down payment information. The top section will then be used only for monthly transactions***
  11. How can I send my completed contract to you?
    After you receive and complete the documentation, you can fax or scan and email it back to us and we will process your down payment and open your order. If you do not have access to a fax machine or a scanner, you can arrange to mail the contract to our office.
  12. Why do I have to insure my system within 10 days?
    The person who signs the purchase contract is responsible for the unpaid balance of the system if it is lost, stolen or damaged.


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