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Occupational Therapy May Help Fortify Aging Populations

As populations age around the world, the difficult task of caring for conditions like dementia is being addressed by occupational therapists. The personally-targeted methods employed by OTs might help those who suffer dementia cope, or may even delay the onset, according to a report.

In Singapore, where the elderly population is rapidly growing, adding 300 to 400 more occupational therapists to a preventive care program could "significantly" reduce the negative effects of dementia, as opposed to a strictly "assisted living" approach that may not help with overall health and function in the long term.

"Getting dementia patients to carry on doing things helps them maintain their ability to function ... [and] having a maid do everything for them could result in a more rapid decline."

Preventive care services that focus on functional ability are seeing more widespread adoption all the time. What other new programs have you heard about or participated in? Let us know!

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