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Muscle Testing:
Handheld Dynamometry in Sports Medicine

By Don Reagan, DPT, CSCS, USAW

A keen diagnostic skill set is paramount for a sports medicine provider because that patient population is generally healthy and highly adaptable. Therefore, any tool that provides specific, reliable, and objective data is extremely valuable. In my practice, handheld dynamometry has helped me to capture end range stability deficits particularly with the shoulder and hip complexes. The process of identifying and quantifying stability dysfunctions requires a thorough assessment, but the immediate feedback and intra-session change that can be efficiently collected with the JTECH Commander Echo system has greatly improved my practice outcomes.

The willingness to systematically place a number on end range prone shoulder flexion or supine hip internal rotation with a bilateral comparison takes courage from the practitioner. Because once a culture of authentic accountability and feedback is embraced, the expectations are lucidly clear and the intervention is expected to make a change. Furthermore, inter-session progress can be easily followed and the plan of care adjusted accordingly. The handheld dynamometer is a portable and easy to use investment that adds value to any sports medicine practice and facilitates the therapeutic alliance.

Furthermore, I have personally found the team at JTECH Medical to be knowledgeable, proficient, and helpful overall. Their customer support has always been accessible and efficient with answering my questions. Overall, my interactions with the team have been excellent, and I highly recommend any sports medicine practitioner interested to partner with them.

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