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Joint Pain And Range Of Motion: What You Need To Know

A surprising number of people in today's world suffer from some form of joint pain. In fact, arthritis and joint diseases affect 350 million people around the world and 43 million people in the United States. If left unaddressed, arthritis and joint pain can cause enough pain and discomfort to interfere with your daily life. Luckily, range of motion testing and certain types of rehab tools and systems can help with joint-related chronic pain conditions. These tools provide regular information during treatment, helping create an effective treatment plan for your chronic pain.


Testing Your Starting Point

In order to create a proper treatment plan, it's essential to know your starting point with your joint pain. This is especially true of joint pain or arthritis that limits overall range of motion due to physical discomfort. Range of motion testing and functional assessment tools can help your medical team determine the severity of a case of arthritis or joint pain in order to get a sense of how much improvement is possible.


Developing Solutions

Range of motion data is essential when determining the best treatment plan for chronic joint pain. This data can be used over the course of treatment to see if current treatment plans are working or if the plan needs to be adjusted. Regular range of motion testing can tell you if the physical therapy tools being used are actually effective in both reducing pain and increasing physical capabilities.

Reducing Chronic Pain

Because range of motion testing solutions are able to keep your joint pain treatment on the right path throughout the process, they're effective in helping you reduce your overall joint pain faster and more effectively. Regular assessment and testing can help alleviate arthritis and other chronic joint conditions by ensuring the physical therapy techniques being used are having the desired overall results.


Arthritis and chronic joint pain are common problems for millions worldwide, but using the right testing techniques can help alleviate pain by creating the right treatment plan. For more information on functional assessment equipment and their applications, contact JTECH Medical today.


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