Tracker Freedom® Functional Capacity Evaluation System

There has never been a system like the Tracker Freedom Wireless Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) System from JTECH Medical. This innovative system combines the freedom of wireless instruments with the most versatile functional Capacity testing software package ever created. The result is an FCE testing system that is perfect for performing functional capacity, fit-for-duty, post-offer and other work-related evaluations. Plus, the equipment and software can be used in other areas of your practice for enhanced testing and documentation of musculoskeletal injuries, disability assessments, impairment rating, personal injury and worker's compensation.

The system provides a wide range of software features that make your evaluations and documentation more efficient, reliable and defensible. Features like a variety of consistency tools that offer you a broad perspective for determining reliability of patient effort, built-in stopwatches for timing sustained postures and tests, worksheet-style forms that allow in-depth documentation and eliminate paper forms, and the ability to use standard tests or to create custom tests that meet your referral requirements. 

The Tracker Freedom Wireless Functional Capacity Evaluation System includes radio frequency wireless instruments for evaluating muscle strength, hand strength, range of motion, and static lifting.

Included with the Tracker Freedom Wireless Functional Capacity Evaluation System


Tracker™ Version 5 Softwarev5 cd small

The Tracker Version 5 Software Engine provides even more documentation capabilities, improved patient file management, new sections, expanded data analysis and enhanced report writing. Tracker V5 Software includes JTECH's exclusive multimedia help system.


FCE-composite2Tracker™ Version 5 FCE Software

This is the newest, most advance functional Capacity evaluation and testing software on the market. It includes worksheets, timers, standard tests, custom testing capabilities, job requirement comparison and more.


Tracker Freedom Wireless ReceiverTracker Freedom Wireless Interface

Tracker Freedom introduces revolutionary new wireless technology that makes range of motion and strength evaluation faster and easier for you and your patients. Our instruments are designed for ease of use with consistent, accurate results and long-term durability. Our exclusive, proprietary RF technology took more than four years and over $1 million to develop. The result is cutting-edge wireless technology that insures your data is accurately transmitted with interference-free reception.

Tracker Freedom Static Strength

Tracker Freedom Static Force Gauge

Tracker Freedom Wireless Static Force Gauge and optional mobile lift platform is the most compact, light-weight and portable system for field testing at work sites and other locations. For example, our new Wireless Static Force Gauge weighs a mere 0.4 pounds and our Optional Mobile Lift System Platform weighs in at less than 15 pounds. That means you can easily transport the system with a laptop and perform post-offer, functional capacity elavuations and other work-related evaluations anywhere.


Tracker Freedom Grip Strength

Tracker Freedom GripThe Tracker Freedom Wireless Grip Module is a revolution in fast, accurate and reliable grip strength documentation. It provides you with strength loss documentation for treatment planning, progress tracking and impairment rating. With our advanced Tracker Freedom wireless grip gauge, grip strength testing is even more convenient for you and your patients. Our wireless grip gauge features a standard design so it is compatible with published testing protocols and normative values.


Tracker Freedom Inclinometry

Tracker Freedom Dual InclinometryTracker Version 5 Inclinometry Software gives you more control of how ROM tests are performed and more information during and after the test. Tracker Version 5 Inclinometry Software automatically shows graphic comparisons to previous tests, comparison to normal, consistency of effort and more. Tracker's Dual Inclinometry can be used to document both spine and extremity ranges of motion.


Tracker Freedom Muscle Testing

Tracker Freedom Muscle TestingTracker Version 5 Muscle Testing Software features real-time force curves to give you better information from muscle testing. Tracker V5 is the only software that allows you to select muscle tests by innervation or joint motion. Tracker V5 Software also features muscle test grading, bilateral comparisons, automatic CV calculation, and instant test-to-test comparisons.


Tracker Freedom Pinch Testing

Tracker Freedom PinchWith a Tracker Freedom wireless pinch gauge, you have the most convenient way to test and document pinch strength deficits. The gauge's wireless interface allows you to test anywhere within a radius of 30 feet from the computer, allowing you more options for arranging you examination area. The gauge's wireless transceiver has a rechargeable battery and JTECH's exclusive two-way communication to ensure the accuracy of the data you collect.

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