Tracker Freedom® Hand and Upper Extremity Evaluation Systems

Faster Documentation for More Productive Treatment Time

Tracker Freedom Hand and Upper Extremity (UE) systems are designed to significantly increase the amount of time you have for patient care by reducing the amount of time you spend on documentation. From simple objective functional testing to impairment rating, we offer a variety of system options for any type of hand therapy practice.

Tracker Freedom Hand and UE systems start with Tracker Version 5 Software that was developed for more intuitive navigation and simplified data entry. Tracker 5 Software includes documentation for patient complaints, orthopedic tests, sensory mapping and more. For objective evaluation components, they feature innovative wireless instruments that are easy to handle without cords to interfere.

Wireless Assessment Tools

20100225DSC03554-EditTracker Freedom® introduces revolutionary new wireless technology that gives you the easy handling of traditional instruments with the accuracy and convenience of computerized documentation. We invested four years and $1 million to develop RF technology that insures your data is accurately transmitted with interference-free reception.

Wireless Goniometer

The Tracker Freedom Wireless Goniometer breezes through ROM evaluations, taking less than five minutes for both hands. It features snap-on extremity extensions, 1° increments and compliance with AMA, AAOS and ASHT protocols.

Wireless Grip Testing

20100209DSC03277-EditThe Tracker Freedom Wireless Grip Gauge looks like a conventional gauge, but it does a lot more. Our new grip software gives you innovative options for documenting grip strength. Our Sustained Grip test plots force/time so you see force applied and the Multi-Max test follows the AMA Guides Protocol. You can even alternate hands to speed up testing.

Wireless Pinch Testing

TF106_Pinch_Model_5The Tracker Freedom Wireless Pinch Gauge offers fast, accurate and reliable documentation of strength loss for treatment planning, progress tracking and impairment rating. Its standard design is compatible with published testing protocols and normative values.

Quick-Click Documentation

The Tracker Freedom Hand and Upper Extremity System features a brand new user interface we call Quick-Click. It gives you efficient, flexible tools to reduce exam time and increase productive treatment time. The Quick-Click interface features simple point-and-click and fill-in-the-blanks functionality, and selection lists you can edit to match your needs and terminology.

For faster follow-up exams, we've added innovative features like a "last exam recall." You simply click once, mark what's changed and you're done! Or with one button click, the software recalls and walks you through the patient's previous exam sequence for faster, easier re-evaluation and progress comparisons.

Hand Evaluation Forms

We designed the Tracker Freedom Hand Module with practicing hand clinicians and the ASHT Clinical Guidelines to meet your assessment needs. Our easy navigation system allows you to move between the evaluation forms with minimal button clicks. Each form offers features based on the type of condition or area being evaluated. For example, edema and lymphedema forms automatically calculate the difference from the uninvolved side while the wound and scar forms calculate surface areas.

  • Observations
  • Function
  • Skin
  • Nails
  • Edema
  • Wound
  • Scar
  • Burn Scar
  • Splint

Tracker Freedom Hand and Upper Extremity Evaluation Systems comes standard with our new Tracker Version 5 Software Engine that features an extensive list of documentation capabilities. Those capabilities include sensory mapping (digital nerves and dermatomes), provocative orthopedic tests, pain, deep tendon reflexes and questionnaires scoring. The software package also includes patient related documentation for work status, patient complaints and related medical history.

  • Automatic Progress Tracking
  • On-screen range of motion progress display
  • Data report progress graphs.  We understand how vital demonstrating progress and outcomes is in today's healthcare environment. That's why Tracker Freedom provides you with a variety of ways to see patient progress and to show that progress to patients and payers
  • All objective testing screens show progress bar graphs to give you immediate feedback
  • Data reports have a progress feature that show changes over time with clear bar graphs and text
  • Narrative reports allow you to include comparisons of the current exam to the previous exam and overall from the initial exam
  • Easy Report Interface
  • Sample narrative with progress
  • Sample data report with progress

To make generating quality reports faster and easier, we created an entirely new Easy-Report Interface. It gives you the freedom to create complete narratives, data reports in a chart format, and quick progress reports.

Our Easy-Report Interface allows you to select and order elements in your reports with point-and-click simplicity. It also gives you the ability to save the order of any report as a template that you can use over and over again. It's an great way to standardize your clinic's reports and to easily meet the requirements of referrals.

Optional AMA Licensed Impairment Module

Officially licensed by the American Medical Association (AMA), the Impairment module makes for a faster and easier process of evaluating a patient, calculating impairment according to the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Fifth Edition, and generating reports. Tracker V5 Impairment Software automatically calculates impairment from your exam results in strict adherence to the Guides. It also includes special features, like the ability to adjust ROM impairments based on the contralateral uninvolved side (p. 453). The software then creates detailed narrative and Guides-based worksheet reports complete with references and page numbers.

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