Tracker Freedom® Essential Plus System

JTECH neuromusculoskeletal systems give you the objective tools and efficient documentation required in today’s demanding healthcare environment. Our systems help you objectively establish the need for care, verify treatment efficacy and demonstrate outcomes as a result of care. They also maximize your valuable time by generating narrative, data and graphical progress reports in seconds.

These compact systems include JTECH's exclusive Tracker Freedom® Wireless instruments to objectively quantify functional losses resulting from neurological, muscular and skeletal injury or disease. From basic to comprehensive, we offer a variety of systems to meet you clinical needs and budget. Our unique modular design guarantees that you can change or expand your JTECH system to meet the needs of your growing practice well into the future.

Tracker Version 5 Software Engine and Wireless Interface

Tracker Freedom Wireless ReceiverThe Tracker Version 5 Software Engine provides even more documentation capabilities, improved patient file management, new sections, expanded data analysis and enhanced report writing. Tracker V5 Software includes JTECH's exclusive multimedia help system (see below).

Tracker Freedom® Wireless Interface hardware includes: USB wireless receiver, wireless next and enter foot switches so you can test without returning to the computer, USB extension cable and system carrying case.

Wireless Dual Inclinometry Range of Motion

Tracker Freedom Dual InclinometryTracker Version 5 Inclinometry Software gives you more control of how tests are performed and more information during the test. Tracker V5 Inclinometry Software automatically shows graphic comparisons to previous tests, comparison to normal, consistency of effort and more. Tracker's Dual Inclinometry documents both spine and extremity ranges of motion.

Tracker Mini Inclinometers are very accurate and compact for easier handling. The package includes alignment rails, Velcro straps, and cables.

Wireless Algometry

Tracker Freedom AlgometryTracker Version 5 Algometry Software includes testing protocols for pain threshold, pain tolerance and fibromyalgia tests. Tracker V5 Algometry Software features the industry’s only "pressure pacer" for more accurate testing within published guidelines. The Algometry testing screen shows real-time force application, normative comparisons for threshold and tolerance tests, American College of Rheumatology cutoff points for fibromyalgia, and side-to-side difference.

The Tracker Freedom® wireless algometer is specifically designed to provide the sensitivity and instrument control necessary for accurate pain and pressure documentation.

Dynamometer Muscle Testing

Tracker Freedom Muscle TestingTracker Version 5 Muscle Testing Software features real-time force curves to give you better information from muscle testing. Tracker V5 is the only software that allows you to select muscle tests by innervation or joint motion. Tracker V5 Software also features muscle test grading, bilateral comparisons, automatic CV calculation, and instant test-to-test comparisons.

The Muscle Tester's compact, ergonomic design provides greater stability and more comfortable handling during tests. Its unique axis compensation circuitry guarantees 99% accuracy across the entire test pad. The package includes two muscle testing pads, instrument stand and cable.

Multimedia Help System

This Tracker special feature is part of your Tracker Version 5 System and runs from your hard drive. The Tracker Multimedia Help System provides narrated videos of test procedures to assist you and your staff with more efficient, accurate testing. Tracker Version 5 Software includes multimedia help for all standard tests performed with Tracker instruments.

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