Tracker Freedom® Pinch Strength

Tracker Freedom Pinch TestingTracker Freedom Wireless Pinch Dynamometer is the fast, accurate and reliable way to test and document pinch strength loss for treatment planning, progress tracking and impairment rating. With our advanced Tracker Freedom wireless pinch gauge, pinch strength testing is even more convenient for you and your patients. Tracker Freedom wireless pinch gauge features a standard design that is compatible with published testing protocols and normative values.

Tracker Freedom Wireless Pinch module integrates seamlessly with other Tracker Version 5 instruments to provide a complete picture from your evaluations.

More Convenient Pinch Strength Testing

With a Tracker Freedom wireless pinch gauge, you have the most convenient way to test and document pinch strength deficits. The Pinch Force Dynamometer's wireless interface allows you to test anywhere within a radius of 30 feet from the computer, allowing you more options for arranging your examination area. The gauge's wireless transceiver has a rechargeable battery and JTECH's exclusive two-way communication to ensure the accuracy of the data you collect.

Advanced Software Package

Designed to integrate seamlessly with new JTECH's Tracker Version 5 Software Engine, the Tracker Pinch module provides you with simplified navigation and more versatility to evaluate pinch strength the way you are most comfortable.

Tracker Freedom Pinch gauge

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