• Industrial Medicine Systems

    Give employers solid proof that their candidates are fit for duty with objective data from Northstar.
  • Industrial Medicine Systems

    Defend your post-offer recommendations with objective data from our powerful Industrial Medicine System.
  • Industrial Medicine Systems

    We give you reliable, objective data to recommend your return-to-work referrals with confidence.
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Objective Functional Testing Systems

  • Activity Tests

    Document the patient's ability to squat, bend, kneel, reach, and perform other activities you identify.
  • Material Handling Tests

    Processes standard and custom lift, push, pull, and carry performance with automatic Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) extrapolations, Physical Demand Level (PDL) Job classification, and Progressive Isoinertial Lifting Evaluation (PILE) test methodologies.
  • Aerobic Endurance Tests

    Standard methodologies or custom documenting of aerobic endurance with automatic Physical Demand Level (PDL) Job classification and maximum aerobic power calculations.
  • Posture Tests

    Allows you to time and record tolerance to sitting kneeling, and specitic postures you create.
  • Dexterity Test Selection

    Allows you to record tolerance for manual dexterity using the Purdue Pegboard, Minnesota Rate of Manipulation and Hand Tool dexterity tests with scoring calculations and interpretations built in.
  • Inclinometry Software

    Compare ROM test results to AMA and other norms, Chart progress from previous evaluations, Identify where ROM deficits exist
  • Muscle Testing Software

    Identify and quantify bilateral strength deficits, Automatically chart strength progress throughout care, Calculates strength ratios between agonist-antagonist muscle groups
  • Grip Testing Software

    Identify and quantify bilateral grip strength deficits, Automatically chart grip strength throughout care, Compare Grip strength test results to AMA and other norms
  • Static Strength Software

    Includes test protocols for static pushing, static pulling and single-handed lifting, Automatically calculates the mean static lifting value for each repetition in accordance with published research, Calculates coefficient of variation (CV) for evaluating consistency of effort, Allows you to exclude reps from statistical calculations
  • NIOSH Lift Testing Software

    Includes test protocols for NIOSH static lifting, and horizontal strength change (HSC), Automatically calculates NIOSH population-based strength percentiles, HSC tests indicate if strength change is appropriate or inappropriate to validate effort on NIOSH lifting tests
  • Portable

    When you opt to include Northstar Echo wireless devices, this system comes with a protective carrying case for easy portability outside of the clinic. Dimensions: 17.5”x13”x4.5” Weight: 7 lb plus Mobile Lift Platform Dimensions: 30" x 15" x 5.6" Weight: 15.4 lb
  • Intake

    The intake section of Northstar has been designed to allow more documentation of pertinent information than any other JTECH software. With Northstar you can document multiple attorneys and employers, more complaints, treatments and date of injury.
  • Evaluate

    With the Integrated musculoskeletal evaluation components, functional tests just got easier so you can focus on evaluating the needs and providing proper care to patients.
  • Effortlessly Analyze Data

    With a comprehensive overview of all patient testing data, cases, and visits you get a clear and concise overview of a patient to base your critical judgments on.
  • Easy Reports

    Fast, easy, and convenient reporting from your recorded documentation. Present your findings in a comprehensive narrative report for patient education or to convince payors of the necessity of care.

JTECH Medical's Northstar Industrial Medicine System has all of the tools you need to objectively document your subject's work-related capabilities. Use your own instruments with our manual data entry software-only option; or gain the competitive edge by choosing our integrated wireless devices for automated data collection. Our Functional testing software modules save you time and money with quick analysis of work-related capabilities or FCE evaluations, and detailed narrative reports at the click of a button.

  • Northstar Inclinometry (ROM) Testing

    Validate back injury and impairment cases with fast, objective documentation of spine and extremity range of motion (ROM).
    • Go beyond just software with Northstar Echo Wireless Dual Inclinometers and get.
      • Automated data collection
  • Northstar Muscle Testing

    Objectively document muscle weakness for physical evaluations, FCEs, post-offers and AMA impairment evaluations.
    • Go beyond just software with a Northstar Echo Wireless Muscle Tester and get
      • Real-time force curves
      • Automated data collection
  • Northstar Grip Testing

    With the industry’s best Rapid Exchange Grip (REG) interface, automatically collects grip strength data for hand evaluations, reliability of effort, and employment testing.
    • Go beyond just software with a Northstar Echo Wireless Grip Gauge and get
      • Real-time force curves
      • Automated data collection
  • Northstar Static Strength Testing and Mobile Lift Platform

    Accurately document results for NIOSH static strength tests and pushing and pulling strengths for FCEs, Post Offers, Fit For Duty, Return To Work, and other related exams.
    • Go beyond just software with a Northstar Echo Static Force Gauge and Mobile List Platform to get
      • Real-time force curves
      • Automated data collection

  • $6,990 Retail: $7,250 Designed for Single Office Clinics Database Only Security Local Databases Physical/Neurological Module Included -empty- -empty-
  • $19,580 Retail: $20,345 Designed for Single Office Clinics Database Only Security Local Databases Physical/Neurological Module Included -empty- -empty-
  • $25,990 Retail: $26,945 Designed for Large Clinics and Hospitals Enhanced Security Controls Local or Network Databases Physical/Neurological Module Included QuickScreen Module Included Manual Data Entry for Evaluations Included
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  • You do an excellent job helping me to use JTECH equipment.
    Alan Roberts MD
  • The JTECH system makes evaluations and report writing fun.
    JEFF SINGER M.P.T. Physical Therapy Plus, Wynnewood, PA
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