Customer Support

JTECH Medical offers customer support for all the products we sell. You may register up to three individuals from your office that will be eligible to call for support (this can be done anytime during your support agreement). These three users will be permanently registered for the life of your support agreement. Please note that support will only be available to those individuals who are registered with your office.

Support Policies and Limitations

1. Software

  • Your three registered users are eligible to receive software support for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • An extended service contract may be purchased for assistance after the initial 12 months has expired. Please click here or call JTECH customer service to learn more about maintenance contracts. (385) 695-5000
  • Software Updates and Upgrades:
    • Software Update: A modification to the existing software version that repairs a deficiency or helps adapt to industry changes. These are provided free of charge for a period of twelve (12) months, or with an active Guardian Software Maintenace Membership
    • Software Upgrade: An addition to the existing software version or a module that adds significant features and benefits and is not done as a repair or adaptation; but as part of a planned product enhancement program. Upgrades are available for purchase through your Regional Representative.

2. Hardware

  • Your hardware is shipped with a one-year warranty (Please refer to warranty document in the packaging).
  • You will be charged for any hardware issues (repair, replacement, shipping, etc.) after the initial year time period.