Tracker Version 5 Software

Tracker Version 5 Software

To succeed in the evolving evidence-based, pay-for-performance healthcare environment, every practice needs fast, easy, effective tools to objectively prove the need for care and demonstrate progress as a result of care. Tracker Version 5 Software is the solution for objective testing for every practice.

  • Objectively justifies the need for care
  • Verifies functional effects of disease or injury
  • Quantifies ROM and Strength deficits
  • Provides instant documentation
  • Demonstrates treatment efficacy and patient progress
  • Reinforces continuation of care for patients and payers
  • Establishes basis to defend against post-payment audits
  • Documents work related evaluations for FCEs, return-to-work, post-offer, and more
  • Expandable and customizable to meet your evaluation needs

Easy Intuitive Software

Easy, Intuitive Software

Tracker Version 5 Software is so simple you can learn it and be testing in an hour. And, it's loaded with time-saving features that make your practice more efficient. Some of those features include exclusive help videos with easy-to-follow test procedures, an innovative "Repeat" button that recalls tests for easy progress exams, automatic data collection and "Quick-click" reporting.

Tracker 5 Reports

Fast, Effective, Versatile Reports

Reducing the time you spend writing reports is another great Tracker Version 5 Software benefit. Our "Quick-click" selection method lets you create custom reports and easy-to-make templates for standardized reports with just a few button clicks. Generate narrative, exam chart and progress reports with amazing speed using the custom templates you create.

Narrative Report Features:
  • Import to Microsoft Word™ for fast editing
  • Include data tables for easy-to-read results
  • Allow you to include muscle testing force curves
  • Show progress in table and bar graph form
  • Display progress from last exam and/or initial exam
  • Allow you to create, save and reuse customizable statements
Data and Progress Report Features:
  • Use a standardized chart format
  • Provide test results and computations
  • Allow you to organize elements
  • Save report templates you can reuse
  • Display test-to-test changes in simple bar graph form
  • Include percent of change

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  • This equipment is going to make the everyday easier.
    John Paul Morse, LAc. DNBAOTwin Falls, ID
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