Tracker™ Version 5 Instrumented Modules Overview

TF101 Inclinometers Tracker Freedom Dual Inclinometry (TF101)
Test ROM with built-in AMA protocols for the spine and extremities using our wireless dual inclinometers, Tracker Version 5 Inclinometry Software, convenient alignment rails, and multimedia help system.
TF105 Goniometer 2  Tracker Freedom Goniometry (TF105)
Quickly and accurately document hand and extremity ROM with our wireless goniometer that features detachable extension arms and Tracker Version 5 Goniometry Software with multimedia help system.
 TF102 Muscle Tester  Tracker Freedom Muscle Testing (TF102)
Document strength loss more precisely with our wireless hand held transducer and Tracker Version 5 Muscle Testing Software with grading capabilities, neurological information, and multimedia help system.
 TF104 Algometer Tracker Freedom Algometry (TF104)
A research-proven, reliable component in pain and pressure documentation such as fibromyalgia, Tracker Freedom Algometry includes a wireless algometer, Tracker Version 5 Algometry Software with pacer, and multimedia help system
TF103 Wireless Grip 3 Tracker Freedom Grip Testing (TF103) 
Document grip strength loss and voluntary effort with our wireless grip dynamometer, Tracker Version 5 Grip Software featuring the Multi-Max Grip Test outlined in the Guides, and multimedia help system
TF106 Pinch gauge Tracker Freedom Pinch Testing (TF106) 
Easily test pinch strength loss for upper extremity injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and impairment rating with our wireless pinch dynamometer, Tracker Version 5 Pinch Software, and multimedia help system.
TF107A Static Force Gauge 2 Tracker Freedom Static Force Gauge (TF111) 
Conveniently document gross strength for lifting, pushing and pulling with our wireless static force gauge, Tracker Version 5 Static Strength Software, Mobile Lift System Platform, accessories and multimedia help system.
TF110B New IsoTrackPro 150px Tracker Freedom IsoTrack (TF110B)
Conveniently document Muscle Strength and gross strength for lifting, pushing and pulling with our wireless static strength gauge and the IsoTrack Platform. Tracker Version 5 IsoTrack Software, IsoTrack System Platform, accessories* and multimedia help system *IsoTrack Chair available as an addon accessory.

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