Tracker™ Version 5 Addon Modules Overview

Manual Data Entry (MDE) Module (MC008)
This special software module allows you to manually enter objective functional testing values collected with your own instruments into your Tracker Version 5 software. The data you enter is included in your Tracker patient files, progress tracking and reports. (Requires Tracker Version 5 or Eval Express 5)

Impairment Module (MC009)
Licensed by the AMA*, this module makes calculating impairment percentages, combining values and generating reports quick and easy with references according to the AMA Guides, Fifth Edition. Instantly import range of motion and strength values collected with your Tracker instruments into your impairment data. Includes DRE and Spine ROM methods with one click switch between DRE and ROM calculation methods. The Tracker Impairment module includes all appropriate AMA Guides references throughout the software and reports. (Requires Tracker Version 5 or Easy Docs 5) *Licensing arrangements with the American Medical Association (AMA) prohibit re-licensing of our Impairment module

Comprehensive Hand Evaluation (CHE) Module (MC011)
This software module was created with practicing hand evaluation experts and features our new Quick-Click selection to streamline evaluation, documentation and reporting for hand and upper extremity evaluations. (Requires Tracker Version 5 or Easy Docs 5)

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Module (MC015)

Tracker Version 5 FCE software utilizes time-tested and published testing protocols while providing maximum flexibility so you can tailor each FCE to your patient and referral needs. Document every component of your FCE with point-and-click functionality including material handling, work activities, dexterity testing, posture tolerance, cardiovascular testing, perceived function observations, reliability of symptoms, and your own custom tests. Monitor and document heart rate throughout the FCE and use the built-in timer to pace appropriate tests and document durations. Compare job requirements to demonstrated abilities almost instantly, utilize the built-in worksheets to aid in your final determinations and recommendations, then print your summary or narrative report in minutes. (Requires Tracker Version 5 or Easy Docs 5)

Employer Services Module (MC020)
The Employer Services module provides you with an efficient, flexible means for documenting and evaluating employment related testing. This module gives you exceptional value as it saves you time and helps you to generate additional revenue in your clinic. Combined with JTECH Medical's wireless instruments this module gives you the freedom to create the perfect testing package to meet your client’s needs. (Requires Tracker Version 5 or Easy Docs 5)

Quick ScreenTM Module (MC018)
Allows prospective patients to participate in an interactive setting with real-time results. The Quick Screen module allows you to perform patient screenings in public settings with comfort and ease. With the Quick Screen module you will be able to present your prospective patients with REAL DATA that will help them to understand areas of concern. (Requires Tracker Version 5 or Eval Express 5)

Import/Export Module (MC016)
With the Import/Export module, your Tracker software can export its data, as well as import data, to Partnered electronic health record (EHR) systems.* Please contact your sales representative for a list of current Partnered EHR systems. *for HL7-compliant electronic health record (EHR) software which is not partnered with JTECH Medical, contact your sales representative about The HL7 Bridge Module. (Requires Tracker Version 5, Eval Express 5 or Easy Docs 5)

Tracker Bridge Supplemental Software (CD012)
Tracker Bridge Supplemental Software is a custom-tailored software application that allows Tracker to interface with most HL7-compliant electronic health record (EHR) software, using the standard version 2.x HL7 message format. Tracker Bridge Supplemental Software serves as an information link between your EHR software and Tracker, automatically transmitting and synchronizing data between the two programs.  Tracker Bridge Supplemental Software will save time and money and reduce errors in data entry by minimizing duplicate work and automating data transfer. To meet the needs of your electronic health record interface project, our Tracker Bridge Supplemental Software service includes 5 hours of installation support and custom programming. Depending on the level of interfacing needed, additional support and programming can be purchased to fine tune the interface to your specific needs. Items that may require additional programming time can include: two-way data transfer, 3.x HL7 message support, additional custom HL7 messages. Contact your sales representative for more information. (Requires Tracker Version 5, Eval Express 5 or Easy Docs 5)

Security Module (MC017)
JTECH makes it easy to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and protect your database from unauthorized access. The Security module will password protect your database ensuring that only authorized users are able to view patient information. The security module allows you to add an unlimited number of authorized users to your system. (Requires Tracker Version 5, Eval Express 5 or Easy Docs 5)

*Analyze Data, Physical / Neurological and Intake modules are only included with Tracker 5 and EasyDocs 5

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