QuickScreen Module

Quick Screen TMThe QuickScreenTM module from JTECH Medical allows prospective patients to participate in an interactive setting with real-time results. Screenings generally only allow for a short period of time and you need to get as much out of the time that you have with the prospective patient. The software is easy to navigate, well organized and very easy to use. Plus, you are only limited by your imagination as in how to display the software. The QuickScreen module allows you to perform patient screenings in public settings without having the patient expose their back in a potentially uncomfortable setting. One major advantage of using the QuickScreen module is the ease of which inter- and intra- examiner reliability is achieved. The QuickScreen module uses your existing JTECH equipment such as the muscle tester, dual inclinometers or grip dynamometer eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment and assuring the data from your screenings is accurate and reproducible. The spinal, upper extremity and lower extremity testing protocols contained in the QuickScreen module are perfect for efficiently performing a screening on a prospective patient based on general pain descriptions. The QuickScreen module even includes a numerical Pain Scale to record the patient’s pain level at the time of the screening. The most important feature of the QuickScreen module is being able to provide the potential patient with a simple, easy to understand report for them to take with them after the screening. Creating this brief colorful report of findings is just as easy and quick as the actual testing. The report generated by the Quick Screen module is clean, simple, eye-catching and in color with graphs that correspond to the body part that was screened. It effectively demonstrates to your patients that their pain is real and they truly do have an issue that needs to be further evaluated in the office setting.

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