Objective Functional Testing Systems

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Document Patient Vital Signs, Body Mass Index (BMI), Oxygen Saturation levels and more
Pain Location Diagram
Pain Scale
General Physical Appearance
Observed Range of Motion (ROM)
Palpation: Tone/Hypertonicity, Tenderness, Trigger Points, Spinous Process Pain Level, Segmental Motion Restrictions
Amputation Condition
Deep Tendon Reflexes
Sensory Dermatomes
Sensory Cutaneous Innervation
Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
Orthopedic Tests
Standard Questionnaires
Analysis of Questionnaire Results
Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Examination
Built in Form 649-F(6045) report for Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Exam
General Medical Exam
Enhanced User Security
Database Security
Local Databases
Network Databases
Multiple Databases
Real-Time Results Screenings
Add images and Attachments
Save Time Documenting and Reporting
Document Patient Complaints
Document Patient Work Status
Document Patient Family History
Document Patient Medical History
Document Patient Personal Background
One-Click Narrative Reports
Customize Narrative Reports
Reusable Report Templates
One-Click Repeat Previous Exam
Analysis of Test Results
Analysis of Patient Progress
Create Custom Tests
Test and Document the way you want
Expand your capabilities with optional software modules
Automatic Calculations
Branded Reports
Add Diagnosis to Your Exams Notes
Editable Rich Text Format Reports
Extended Observations Documentation
Manual Data Entry for Instrument Evaluations
Customizable to Fit Your Practice Needs
Custom Testing Sequences
Real Time Report of Findings
Simple 4-Step Patient Workflow
Colorful charts and graphs
Great for Patient Education and Retention
Build Custom Report Templates
Put Your Practice at the Forefront of Evidence-Based Patient Care
Video Help Demonstrating all Standard Tests
Test-To-Test Progress Comparison Graph in Testing Screen
Testing Voice Prompts (Male/Female)
Helps Establish Medical Necessity for Treatment
Document and Track Efficacy of Treatment
Calculates Coefficient of Variation (CV) for Evaluating Consistency of Effort
Exclude reps from Statistical Calculations
Track Outcomes From Treatment and Rehabilitation
Compatible with Published Testing Protocols
Helps Establish a Basis to Defend Against Repayment Audits
Collect Objective Data to Support Clinical Decisions for Patient Goals
Northstar Professional

  • You do an excellent job helping me to use JTECH equipment.
    Alan Roberts MD
  • The JTECH system makes evaluations and report writing fun.
    JEFF SINGER M.P.T. Physical Therapy Plus, Wynnewood, PA
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