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Northstar Pro is the supercharged Northstar for hospitals and clinics that have a demand for a patient database accessible on their network and more robust testing capabilities. Northstar Pro enables patient data to be stored in a shared database across a company's entire local network. Clinicians and care providers in different rooms can all simultaneously review this data, generate reports, and test different patients. A timestamped log is also maintained within the database so that data edits can be reviewed or traced later as part of an audit. Some of the features included in Northstar Pro:

  • Shared local area network databases
  • Optional server based concurrent user licenses
  • User Security Module - Administrative access controls to add, edit, and remove other user accounts as well as modify data in a remote database.
  • You do an excellent job helping me to use JTECH equipment.
    Alan Roberts MD
  • The JTECH system makes evaluations and report writing fun.
    JEFF SINGER M.P.T. Physical Therapy Plus, Wynnewood, PA
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