Objective Functional Testing Systems


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Functional tests just got easier so you can focus on evaluating the needs and proper care of patients.

  • Colorful charts and graphs.
  • Automatic calculations.
  • A variety of normative data options for each test.
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Northstar Functional Assessment Software's
Simple 4-Step Patient Workflow

Up and Running with Northstar in about 15 mins

Learn about getting started with Northstar functional assessment software as we explore the many features and benefits of the software

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and Basic Workflow
  • Chapter 2: Intake
    • Medical History
    • Complaints
    • Recording Patient Visits
  • Chapter 3: Evaluations
  • Chapter 4: Analyzing Data
  • Chapter 5: Reporting
  • And So Much More...
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  • You do an excellent job helping me to use JTECH equipment.
    Alan Roberts MD
  • The JTECH system makes evaluations and report writing fun.
    JEFF SINGER M.P.T. Physical Therapy Plus, Wynnewood, PA
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  • Designed for Single Office Clinics Benefits Single Clinician Productivity Database Only Security Local Databases - - -
  • Designed for Large Clinics and Hospitals Benefits Medical Group Productivity Enhanced Security Controls Local or Network Databases Physical/Neurological Module Included QuickScreen Module Included Manual Data Entry for Evaluations Included
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