• Your Authority for Testing Solutions

    For the most objective functional testing, Northstar has a solution for everyone.
  • Baselines for Treatment

    Establish baselines for the best treatment with solid, objective data from Northstar.
  • Detailed Narrative Reports

    Northstar is your source for fast, automated creation of detailed narrative reports.
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  • Functional Assessment Software Features

    Northstar Provides The Tools You Need To Do Functional Assessment in Your Clinic

    Designed to Improve Your Practice

    Northstar functional assessment software gives you the tools to focus on patient care. With Northstar you spend less time transcribing for reports.

    Improved Levels of Evaluation Efficiency

    Northstar improves functional testing efficiency by eliminating double documentation, providing automatic calculations, automatically including normative data, and simple report creation.

    Solves Functional Testing Challenges

    With automatic calculations, test histories, normative value comparisons, Northstar functional assessment software solves all kinds of functional testing challenges.

    Customization to fit your practice needs

    With many optional modules and functional testing devices, Northstar functional assessment software can be customized to fit your specific practice needs.

  • Medical Group Benefits

    Keep Everyone up to Speed with Patient Evaluations

    Review of symptoms (ROS)

    Northstar has powerful tools built in to make reviewing patient symptoms and complaints quick and easy. Test Histories gives you an overview of patient progress at a glance, allowing you to focus on patient care.

    Clinical notes

    With clinical notes available in all standard test screens you can easily record valuable data about what you see during evaluations. Sharing information with your medical groups has never been as easy.

    Narrative reports

    Having consistency in your report formatting gives you the edge over your competition. Northstar functional assessment software gives you the tools to meet the reporting requirements of referrals and 3rd party payors.

    One-click Reporting

    Northstar's one-click reporting gives you the ability to generate reports tailored to any need. Reports are so simple to create that you can either generate on-demand or save your reports as a custom format for future use.

  • Clinician Benefits

    Demonstrate injury, abnormalities, and other issues requiring treatment to Patients and payors.

    Custom protocols

    Northstar functional assessment software allows you to use any combination of custom and built-in tests to develop protocols to meet your specific needs. These protocols can be easily reused to increase speed of testing.

    Real time report of findings

    Reports from examinations are so easy you can do reports of exam findings in real time to increase patient buy-in and show you are proactive in their care and wellness plans.

    Set measurable functional goals

    Objective data about a patient's functional abilities is a key component in setting reasonable, meaningful, and measurable goals for treatment.

    Focus your time on patient care

    Northstar simplifies documenting exams and making Narrative reports. You spend less time documenting and reporting and more time with patients.

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Objective Functional Testing Systems

Up and Running with Northstar in about 15 mins

Learn about getting started with Northstar functional assessment software as we explore the many features and benefits of the software

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and Basic Workflow
  • Chapter 2: Intake
    • Medical History
    • Complaints
    • Recording Patient Visits
  • Chapter 3: Evaluations
  • Chapter 4: Analyzing Data
  • Chapter 5: Reporting
  • And So Much More...
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  • You do an excellent job helping me to use JTECH equipment.
    Alan Roberts MD
  • The JTECH system makes evaluations and report writing fun.
    JEFF SINGER M.P.T. Physical Therapy Plus, Wynnewood, PA
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  • Designed for Single Office Clinics Benefits Single Clinician Productivity Database Only Security Local Databases - - -
  • Designed for Large Clinics and Hospitals Benefits Medical Group Productivity Enhanced Security Controls Local or Network Databases Physical/Neurological Module Included QuickScreen Module Included Manual Data Entry for Evaluations Included
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