Manual Data Entry Module

Enter Data without Computerized Instruments and Generate Professional Reports Quickly

Our optional Manual Data Entry (MDE) module puts more power at your finger tips with Tracker Version 5. Whether you have a limited number or no JTECH Medical wireless instruments, MDE module lets you enter test data collected with non-JTECH instruments and manual instruments into Tracker Version 5 objective testing modules for tracking progress, comparing to established norms, creating reports and more. The MDE module is a cost-effective way to maximize your system’s capabilities when you already own stand-alone instruments.

Manual Data Entry Software Features

  • Enables you to enter data into all Tracker Version 5 instrumented testing modules: Inclinometry, goniometry, muscle strength, algometry, grip strength, pinch strength and static force gauge
  • Instrument priority automatically selects manual input or instrument input based on your system’s instruments
  • MDE priority opens all available addon modules in manual mode for times when you collect data without the computer, such as a Functional capacity evaluation (FCE) or Independent Medical Exam (IME)
  • Performs all statistical calculations for manually entered test data
  • Allows you to create narrative, data and progress reports using data collected with non-computerized instruments
  • Is the perfect companion for our Employer services module, Functional capacity evaluation (FCE) module, or American Medical Association (AMA) Impairment module

Document Objective Functional Tests

Enter exam data from a variety of manual devices:

  • Inclinometers
  • Goniometers
  • Muscle Testers
  • Grip Gauges
  • Pinch Gauges
  • Algometers
  • Static Force Gauges

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