JobSite™ 2 Workplace Analysis Software

Jobsite2Taking the Work Out of Work Analysis

Expand your marketable services while creating safer work environments with JobSite 2 Workplace Analysis software.

Job analysis provides key information vital to successful Industrial Medicine strategies for preventing job-related injuries, making safer return-to-work determinations, exploring Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandated work accommodations and performing case-resolving evaluations. JobSite 2 Software is the time-saving tool for collecting job-related data and collating it into a detailed, effective report. With JobSite 2 Software you can you expand your marketable services and take a leading role in creating safer work environments.

JobSite 2 Software features our new simplified user interface for easier navigation, data entry and reporting. It includes sections for quick documentation of job requirements like material handling, work activities, environmental factors, hazardous exposures and equipment usage. It also helps you provide clients with weight recommendations based on the Revised National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Lifting Formula and cumulative trauma risks based on posture and repetitions.

JobSite 2 Software Advantages

  • Organizes the analysis process so you collect all pertinent data the first time
  • Saves time with both evaluation and reporting
  • Gives you additional services to market to industry, referral sources, insurance carriers and other clinicians
  • Helps you reduce workers' comp costs and injury rates for clients
  • Demonstrates cumulative trauma risks and allows you to show the effects of job-related factors (a powerful tool in risk and cost management)
  • Automatically calculates the Revised NIOSH Lift Formula for recommended Weight Limit and Lifting Index determination
  • Establishes essential job functions according to ADA Title-I legislation
  • Instantly creates detailed, professional reports without extra typing or calculations
  • Runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7 on desktops and laptops 

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