Hand Evaluation CHE Module

Reduce Documentation Time, Increase Productive Treatment Time

Comprehensive Hand Evaluation (CHE) Module provides the most efficient user interface ever created for hand evaluation. Developed with practicing hand specialists, Hand Evaluation module is loaded with time-saving features like our simplified navigation system, Comprehensive Hand Evaluation Software"Quick Click" data entry, and "Last Exam Recall." The result is faster, easier documentation that allows you to spend more time actually treating your patients.


Innovative High Efficiency Benefits

  • Simplified navigation reduces button clicks by clearly laying out documentation options and allowing you to pick just the items you want when you want
  • "Quick Click" data entry uses simple point-and-click and fill-in-the-blanks screens for speed and makes data immediately available for printing reports or uploading to your EMR system
  • List item editing allows you to use your terminology with point-and-click selection lists to facilitate clear, concise communication
  • Specialized forms are tailored specifically for the condition or area being evaluated
  • Automatic calculations for things like involved-to-uninvolved differences in edema and surface area for wounds and scars eliminates math to save you time
  • "Last Exam Recall" makes re-exams super fast and easy because you click once to recall the previous data, enter changes and you're done!
  • Progress reports in narrative and graphical data formats quickly demonstrate progress and outcomes to patients, referrals and payers
  • Optional integration with JTECH Medical's wireless instruments means faster objective evaluation of range of motion and strength
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system compatibility reduces data entry


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