FCE Module

Functional Solutions for Objective Functional Testing!

Whether you are a novice or seasoned examiner, the Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Module will help you perform better evaluations, draw defensible conclusions and create reports faster. More than a decade of input from clinicians around the world ensures that JTECH Medical's FCE Module is the easiest to use and the most versatile FCE software on the market today.

The new worksheet format is one of the many important new features you'll find in the FCE Module. This innovative design concept allows you to completely document all tests, eliminates the need for paper worksheets and keeps all test data together on your computer, so reviewing data and generating reports is more efficient.

New Ideas in in the FCE Module

  • Worksheet format facilitates efficient and complete documentation
  • Posture Tracker times up to five postures at once, even during distraction activities
  • "Quick-Click" documentation of observed behaviors and signs of effort
  • Built-in "Stopwatch" conveniently times and documents time-based tests
  • Lower stress cardiovascular protocols with automatic Metabolic Equivalent (MET) calculations reduce risks for you and your clients
  • Interactive Analyze Data section helps you rate exam reliability
  • New easy-entry screens for documenting restrictions and recommendations
  • Special summary report automatically compares abilities to job requirements
  • Narrative report generator allows you to complete reports in minutes instead of hours
  • Data reports present data in summary or detailed forms
  • Integrates with Tracker Version 5 Software and JTECH Wireless Instruments
  • Optional FCE training and certification seminars are available

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Module Testing and Documentation

Work Activities documents the patient’s ability to squat, bend, kneel, crawl, reach and perform other activities you identify.

Work Postures allows you to time and record tolerance to sitting, standing, kneeling and specific postures you create using direct evaluation and distraction methods. 

Material Handling processes standard and custom lifts, push, pull and carry performance with automatic Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) extrapolations, Physical Demand Level (PDL) job classification, and Progressive Isoinertial Lifting Evaluation (PILE) test protocols. 

Job Simulation allows you to create custom tests throughout the software so you can simulate critical demands of any job. 

Dexterity allows you to record tolerance for manual dexterity using the Purdue Peg Board, Minnesota Rate of Manipulation and Hand Tool dexterity tests with scoring calculations and interpretations built in. 

Cardiovascular includes standard protocols and custom capabilities for documenting aerobic endurance with automatic PDL classification and maximum aerobic power test calculations. Click the heart icon anytime for an instant reading from the wireless heart rate monitor. 

Reliability of Effort facilitates your determination of valid and reasonable efforts through automatic correlation of objective and subjective criteria. 

Test Sequencing enables you to arrange and save a series of tests (custom or standard) in any order, then utilize that testing template as needed. 

Observation Forms support your conclusions and are available for all functional tests. Document pain related and high effort behaviors, lift strategies, rating of perceived exertion, consistency with and without distraction and biomechanical signs.

For more information regarding JTECH Medical products or services or to schedule an online demo, please call toll free at 800 985-8324 or 385 695-5000, or contact us by email.

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