Eval Express 5 Instrumented Modules Overview

TF101 Inclinometers Tracker Freedom Dual Inclinometry (TF101)
Test Range of Motion (ROM) with built-in AMA protocols for the spine and extremities using our wireless dual inclinometers, Eval Express 5 Inclinometry Software, convenient alignment rails, and multimedia help system.
TF105 Goniometer 2  Tracker Freedom Goniometry (TF105)
Quickly and accurately document hand and extremity Range of Motion (ROM) with our wireless goniometer that features detachable extension arms and Eval Express 5 Goniometry Software with multimedia help system.
 TF102 Muscle Tester  Tracker Freedom Muscle Testing (TF102) 
Document strength loss more precisely with our wireless hand held transducer and Eval Express 5 Muscle Testing Software with grading capabilities, neurological information, and multimedia help system.
 TF104 Algometer Tracker Freedom Algometry (TF104)
A research-proven, reliable component in pain and pressure documentation, such as fibromyalgia. Tracker Freedom Algometry includes a wireless algometer, Eval Express 5 Algometry Software with pacer, and multimedia help system
TF103 Wireless Grip 3 Tracker Freedom Grip Testing (TF103) 
Document grip strength loss and voluntary effort with our wireless grip dynamometer. Eval Express 5 Grip Software featuring the Multi-Max Grip Test outlined in the AMA Guides, and multimedia help system.