Employer Services Module

Employer Services Module

“When the CEO of an insurance company takes home a salary in excess of $100 million, and the same company pays less than 47 cents on the dollar, it’s time to look elsewhere and actually get paid in full for the work you do. JTECH’s Employer Services is a 180° turn at a new concept of practice. Not only can you use your diagnostic skills, but you enter a world not dictated by the insurance companies. JTECH has the knowledge and equipment and their instructors have the expertise to smoothly open this new aspect of your practice.”
--Paul Meyer, DC, DABCO

The Employer Services module for Tracker 5 or EasyDocs5 Software provides you with an efficient, flexible means for documenting and evaluating employment related testing.The Employer Services module gives you exceptional value because it will save you time and generate additional revenue in your clinic. The unique flexibility of JTECH Medical's wireless instruments and Tracker Version 5 or EasyDocs5 Software gives you the freedom to create the perfect testing package to meet your client’s needs.

Employer Services includes all elements needed to do employment related testing and documentation such as:

  • The (Department of Transportation) DOT Physical Form
  • Drug screening
  • Post-Offer evaluations
  • Return-to-Work evaluations
  • Work hardening
  • Injury prevention
  • Baseline and functional testing
  • Fit for duty determinations
  • Functional capacity evaluations (FCE)

Using the Employer Services module, DOT Physical forms can be filled out with point and click simplicity. Once the forms have been filled out, the DOT Physical can be printed using the built in report form. The Medical Examiner’s Certificate is printed along with the DOT Physical form and can be given to the driver at the time of examination.

Post-offer or return-to-work evaluations are easily peformed with Tracker Version 5, or EasyDocs5, and the Employer Services module. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees that have been off work for 6 months have a 50% chance of returning to work, at 1 year the chance drops to 25% and after 2 years rarely do they return to work. However, employees who return to work in less than 7 days have almost 100% chance of continuing their employment.

From inclinometry to muscle testing to work activities and postures and more, TrackerVersion 5, or EasyDocs5, software allows you to document all of your functional testing to establish baseline criteria, demonstrate fitness for duty or even evaluate efficacy of work hardening programs.


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