Computer Specifications for EasyDocs™ 5 Software

The following computer system requirements must be met for JTECH’s EasyDocs 5 Software to function correctly. Although the software can run on systems that do not meet all the requirements, JTECH does not guarantee its performance.

The following system requirements have been established.

Operating System Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8*
CPU 2.0 GHz or faster
AMD Phenom II or better
Intel Core 2 Duo or better*
Memory (RAM) 4GB or more
Display 1024 x 768 px or better resolution
Hard Disk Space 5GB or more Free
Ports (1) USB 2.0 port
Other Audio output with speakers
Microsoft Word® 2007 or newer


*Due to known interactions between Intel-based computers and high-speed USB 3.0 ports in Windows 8, some USB 1.1/2.0 compliant products have been observed to experience inconsistent functionality. To avoid inconvenience and promote the best possible experience with Tracker Freedom products, JTECH strongly recommends use of AMD-based computers rather than Intel.

Important Notice:
In order for JTECH representatives to provide proper, timely service, it is necessary to have a telephone located within reach of the computer running the Tracker System. This software will not operate without activation.

A broadband internet connection is required for software updates.

If you have any further questions about computer system requirements for running Tracker Freedom and Version 5 software, please contact your Sales Representative or JTECH Customer Service at (800) 985-8324.