Pain Evaluation

Many clinical applications of the algometer have been documented including:

  • Evaluation of fibrositis / fibromyalgia
  • Identification of trigger points
  • Quantification of joint tenderness in arthritis conditions
  • Evaluation of idiopathic abdominal pain
  • Evaluating chronic pain and pain sensitivity
  • Evaluating the results of pain relieving modalities such as anesthetic blocks, heat, manipulation, anti-inflammatories
  • Psychological research
  • Documenting the long-term effectiveness of treatment

Because of its reliability and reproducibility, algometry can also be used for objective med-legal documentation of pain intensity.

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JTECH Medical has many Pain Evaluation solutions to meet your testing and reporting needs:
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  • Echo Wireless Algometry Introducing fast, accurate, objective pain and pressure documentation with Echo Wireless Algometry. The Echo Wireless Algometer provides you with a vital new tool for quanitfying pain
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  • The Commander Echo Algometer easily measures pressure thresholds and pain tolerances reported by patients. Algometry is ideal for helping evaluate fibromyalgia and trigger point tenderness. Save Time Innovative pop-in “quick
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  • The Commander Algometer is designed for easy handling and fine resolution to identify clinically significant pain sensitivity changes. The Commander Algometer provides a convenient, efficient, objective pain evaluation
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