About JTECH Medical

From humble beginnings in our founder's basement, JTECH Medical has grown to become a recognized world leader in physical evaluation and functional testing products. Our growth and continued success is based on three key elements: our ability to cost-effectively adapt new and emerging technologies to the field of physical medicine, our commitment to manufacturing high-quality and reliable products, and our dedication to providing superior customer service and support.

Leading through technological innovation has always been a directive at JTECH Medical. We developed and patented the world's first digital dual inclinometer for quantifying spine and extremity range of motion. Before computers were standard in every medical practice, we introduced the first generation of our Tracker computerized objective functional testing system. Most recently, we developed a miniature radio frequency transceiver to eliminate the cords so testing with Tracker instruments is faster and easier.

Our wireless instrument development demonstrates how far we will go to produce high-quality and reliable products. We could have used an off-the-shelf receiver system without safeguards to ensure accurate data transmission. Instead, we spent four years and $1 million to develop a two-way transceiver that verifies data accuracy so you and your patients can depend on the results. On top of that, we added technical features, like frequency hopping, to reduce the possibility of interference.

As JTECH has grown, so has our commitment to supporting our customers. Today, we have an education department focused on presenting classes and seminars that help you grow your practice through greater efficiency, and adding new services like functional capacity evaluations (FCE). We also have one of the largest, best-staffed customer service departments in the industry, which has easy access to our software programmers, engineering staff, and a host of practicing clinicians to get you the right answer.

Moving into the future is exciting at JTECH Medical. We are continually exploring to find new technologies and new ways of applying them to help our customers become more efficient, productive, and successful.