JobSim™ - Dynamic Lifting System

Now You Can Bring the Workplace to Your Place

jobsim_compThe JobSim System from JTECH Medical gives you a cost-effective alternative for creating almost any type of job task - from lifting to fine dexterity - right in your clinic. The JobSim Basic provides a flexible system for lift task assessment and the JobSim Comprehensive Upgrade provides a variety of barriers and dexterity tools that easily attach to the JobSim Basic. The versatility of the JobSim System will make it a staple of your functional capacity, work assessment, post-offer, and work hardening programs. The JobSim System can even be used with FIT-HaNSA Protocols for Functional Impairment Testing.

Dynamic Lifting Tasks

JobSim is a better choice for dynamic lift task testing because it accepts heavier loads, resists wear and offers greater adjustability than wooden shelves. The JobSim frame and shelves are made of sturdy aluminum with a rugged powder coat finish. JobSim shelves adjust in 2" increments from 16" to 82" high and are designed to accommodate standard lift boxes or flat trays. JobSim is perfect for evaluating both standardized and job-specific lift tasks.

jobsim_bucketWith a JobSim Basic and Comprehensive Upgrade (or with optional accessories) you can test critical demands and job-specific lift tasks by simulating almost any kind of lifting activity. For example, using the barrier plate you can easily modify JobSim to simulate lifting over or under objects. You can even incorporate objects from the worksite to create more realistic lift task evaluations.

JobSim Comprehensive Upgrade

Determining return-to-work or disability status often requires more than material handling.  With the JobSim Comprehensive Upgrade you can recreate thousands of work postures and functions in your clinic. For instance, you can combine tool usage with bends and lifts to simulate the essential functions of an auto mechanic. The number and types of jobs you can simulate is up to your imagination. The JobSim Comprehensive Upgrade allows you to recreate almost any type of job task - from material handling to dexterity - with your JobSim.  The Comprehensive Upgrade includes a third shelf with dexterity holes, a large barrier plate, dexterity plates, a bolt sample and bolt standoffs.


JobSim Basic

Includes the JobSim frame, 2 standard shelves with dexterity holes and 2 removable barrier plates
Frame dimensions: 30.25" Wide, 30" Deep, 86" Tall (Does not include counter weights)


JobSim Comprehensive Upgrade

(Does not include JobSim basic Frame)
Includes 1 standard shelf with dexterity holes, large barrier plate, and multiplanar dexterity kit.

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