Frequently Asked Questions

What product(s) do you offer for the measurement/assessment market?

JTECH Medical offers a full range of portable objective functional testing and documentation systems. JTECH’s testing systems include software and integrated wireless measurement tools. JTECH offers wireless goniometers, and dual inclinometers for measuring, documenting, and reporting range of motion (ROM). JTECH also produces wireless load cell dynamometers for muscle strength, isometric muscle testing, grip strength, pinch strength, algometry, lift tests and push/pull strength. JTECH’s integrated documentation and reporting software, featuring TrackerTM Version 5 software, creates a powerful objective functional testing platform for clinics of all disciplines and specialties. Software options range from manual data entry to fully integrated and portable hardware/software solutions.

What in particular does your product measure?

JTECH’s objective functional testing and documentation systems easily measure the comprehensive physical and functional ability of patients. JTECH systems make Range of Motion (ROM) measurement and documentation effortless for spine, extremities, joints, or hand/fingers. JTECH systems simplify testing and documenting large muscle groups, grip strength, pinch strength, pressure threshold, pressure tolerance, NIOSH static Lift, or static push/pull. JTECH systems are also perfect for any type of objective functional testing or focused functional testing including: Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs), Fit for Duty, Physical Capacity Evaluations (PCEs), work hardening and work conditioning evaluations.

What are some unique features or benefits of using this system?

TrackerTM Version 5 software has powerful reporting features, easy documentation, and real-time data collection with integrated wireless instruments. JTECH Medical’s objective functional testing and documentation systems are portable, customizable and expandable. JTECH also provides excellent support, warranties, and outstanding product training.

How long does data gathering/collection take?

In most cases wireless computerized systems cut test time in half when compared to manual devices. Documentation and patient data gathering with TrackerTM Version 5 software is simple and fast, with many common documentation steps as easy as point and click. JTECH’s software is efficient with the ability to save common test protocols which can be recalled and loaded at the click of a button.

How can PTs get started? How do they receive training?

JTECH Tracker systems are available in standard packages or can be customized to suit the PT’s specific needs and goals. JTECH consultants are available to make the process easy and logical. Training options include online tutorials, webinars, and web assistance, and live seminars are offered around the U.S. each year. In-clinic training and certification are available by arrangement.

Does the system utilize software? If so, is it user-friendly? Does it allow PTs to assess in real-time?

JTECH Medical’s TrackerTM Version 5 software is very user-friendly and easy to learn. Data is collected and available in real-time including real-time force graphs, range of motion, relevant data calculations and comparisons. Live results give PTs the opportunity to observe subtleties in patient effort that would not be attainable through manual testing.

What options are there for those looking to create reports? What can PTs feature in reports?

JTECH Medical’s TrackerTM Version 5 software is also a powerful report generation tool. Simple one-click reporting allows PTs to include data with comparison to norms, coefficient of variation (CV), notes and other important details. Data narrative reports are compatible with standard word processing formats for easy editing and flexible distribution. Users can create and save their own report templates to produce consistent reports in just a few mouse clicks.

How PTs use data culled from your system to create a treatment program for patients?

Data collected with JTECH wireless instruments in TrackerTM Version 5 software clearly indicates where deficits and issues lie, empower PTs to quickly assess results and determine a treatment plan. TrackerTM Version 5 allows PTs to instantly view patient progress being made from visit to visit. Any progress plateau is easy to spot so the PT knows when they may need to reevaluate the treatment plan.

Are you seeing any market or technological shifts in the industry?

The market is clearly shifting toward more objective functional tests to quantify losses and areas of concern and to validate subjective complaints by the patient. Comprehensive functional capacity evaluations are giving way to more focused objective functional testing, documenting the system or systems involved in the patient's problem. The need for more evidence-based care and accurate measurements are greater every day. There is an increasing need for evidence of device calibration to ensure accurate measurements are used in evaluations and to defend against post-payment audits.

Has there been any recent research/efficacy studies performed using your products you would like to share?

Information on recent research/efficacy studies performed using JTECH products can be obtained by contacting JTECH Medical at 1-800-985-8324 or