Eval Express™ 'Chiropractor's Essential Tool Kit'

The System Every Chiropractic Practice Needs at an Affordable Price

Fast, Objective Range of Motion and Muscle Testing

To succeed in the evolving evidence-based, pay-for-performance healthcare environment, every practice needs fast, easy, effective tools to objectively prove the need for care and demonstrate progress as a result of care. Eval Express is the cost-effective solution for objective testing for every chiropractic practice.

  • Objectively justifies the need for care
  • Verifies functional effects of subluxation
  • Quantifies ROM and Strength deficits
  • Provides instant documentation
  • Demonstrates treatment efficacy and patient progress
  • Reinforces continuation of care for patients and payers
  • Establishes basis to defend against repayment audits

Eval Express systems provide wireless range of motion and muscle testing at affordable prices.

Easy, Intuitive Software

Eval Express software is so simple you can learn it and be testing in an hour. And, it's loaded with time-saving features that make your practice more efficient. Some of those features include exclusive help videos with easy-to-follow test procedures, an innovative "Repeat" button that recalls tests for easy progress exams, automatic data collection and "Quick-click" reporting.

Convenient Wireless Technology

Developing an FCC licensed, wireless radio technology that eliminates interference and insures data accuracy took four years and $1 million. The investment was worth it. Our wireless instruments allow you move freely without cords for maximum efficiency during testing. The result is less testing time, more productive treatment time and better patient flow.

Fast, Effective, Versatile Reports

Reducing the time you spend writing reports is another great Eval Express benefit. Our "Quick-click" selection method lets you create custom reports and easy-to-make templates for standardized reports with just a few button clicks. Using the templates you create, Eval Express generates narrative, exam chart and progress reports with amazing speed.

Narrative Report Features:

  • Import to Microsoft Word™ for fast editing
  • Include data tables for easy-to-read results
  • Allow you to include muscle testing force curves
  • Show progress in table and bar graph form
  • Display progress from last exam and/or initial exam
  • Allow you to create, save and reuse customizable statements
  • Data and Progress Report Features:
  • Use a standardized chart format
  • Provide test results and computations
  • Allow you to organize elements
  • Save report templates you can reuse
  • Display test-to-test changes in simple bar graph form
  • Include percent of change

Optional Algometry Module

The Eval Express Algometry module is an easy, cost-effective way to quantify pain sensitivity and add another level of objectivity to your evaluations. The package includes easy-to-use algometry software, a special adapter that turns our muscle tester into a precision pain sensor, and video help showing algometry tests.

  • Built-in American College of Rheumatology fibromyalgia testing protocols
  • Innovative pressure pacer to conform with published research
  • Test "enter" switch for greater objectivity
  • Auto report generation
  • Integrates with other JTECH Medical wireless devices
  • Research proven instrument reliability
  • Referenced pressure threshold norms
  • Helps establish medical necessity for treatment
  • Tracks and documents efficacy of treatment

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