Employer Services - Webinar

In 2013, Carol Jamrosz introduced the concepts of employer services and specifically why you should attend the JTECH Seminar (Information about the Online version of the seminar will be coming). This fast-paced webinar will help you discover 10 new services your clinic can provide, 10 ways employers can cut injury rates and save money, how one clinic added 250 new clients in just over 5 years, the common mistakes made in marketing to employers, and how employers can simply and affordably rework their safety plan.

This webinar is now available to view online if you were unable to attend.  Click the video link below to start the webinar. (Stay tuned for information about an online version of our Employer Services Seminar)

ES-Webinar video

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Benefits to Employers*

In September of 2011, an employer began performing (post-offer) testing to "stop the bleeding."

  • The cost of their testing system was recouped in approximately 90-120 days
  • They saw a reduction of $170,000 in their Workers' Compsenation premiums 1 year after testing started
  • In the first 9 months after post-offer testing started:
    • 36 injuries occured on subjects NOT post-offer tested
      • 18 of those subjects had to be put on light-duty and had substantial time off work
    • 10 injuries occurred on subjects that WERE post-offer tested
      • 2 of those subjects had minor injuries
      • 8 were returned to full duty

*This is one employer's results and may not reflect the typical purchaser's experience, and is not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Carol Jamrosz - VP of Risk Management for RGL

RGL represents a family of businesses and their companies offer integrated material management services including warehousing and distribution, transportation, subcontracted material handling, packaging and more.

In 2007 RGL’s Workers’ Compensation premium was $684,000. In 2010 RGL’s premium was $428,000 with more employees and 2 new divisions. As of January 1, 2013, a division of RGL continues to increase the number of days without a lost-time injury, which is currently at 6 1/2 years. In 2010 RGL passed one million man hours without an OSHA Recordable Injury. RGL received a work comp premium "rebate" of $174,000 because their total dollars in claims this year was 5% or less of their total premiums. It has been calculated that the company has saved approximately $255,000 over the last three years on their Workers’ Compensation premium alone.

Carol joined RGL in 1999 and at that time, the company could not get traditional workers’ compensation insurance because the safety record was seen as a "poor risk." RGL began the long process of changing that impression. They are now considered a "good risk." Carol has a background in engineering with degrees in quality, manufacturing, and system and human factors engineering. She has facilitated many changes to the RGL safety program, but the most profound was the partnering with a local health clinic to achieve these great results and an amazing shift in the safety and wellness culture.