Commander™ Downloader

thumb aa119 commander downloaderThe Commander Downloader package enables you to create quick but meaningful reports from the data that you collected with your Commander Evaluation Instruments with the click of a button. Reports generated are in color and give you ample space to include information about the patient such as Patient Name, Contact Information, Patient ID, etc. The Commander Downloader software interfaces directly with your Commander Evaluation Instruments eliminating dictation and transcription errors.

Note: Downloader is not compatible with the Dualer IQ Pro Digital Inclinometer.


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Portable and Affordable 

Our unique console design gives Commander products greater power and data management capabilities than other dynamometers. Commander consoles automatically record and store data, display test results, compute statistics and more. All these features put more information at you fingertips to help you make better clinical decisions and provide better patient care.

  • Easy-to-read large 1.5" high LCD window
  • Automatic statistical calculations like bilateral deficit and CV
  • Push-button controls
  • Prompts for next test in series
  • Works on your wrist, in your hand or from carrying case
  • Portable, battery-powered operation