Commander Echo® Console

CM300 Commander Echo ConsoleCommander Echo is a wireless portable evaluation system bringing advanced levels of sophistication and versatility to outcome assessment equipment. It is a modular system providing the ability to purchase only what you need and the option to add on later.

Only a single console is required to record data for up to 7 different instruments. The console automatically collects data, stores results, computes statistics and automatically prompts for the next test when testing in a series. The Commander Echo Console also has test selection, the ability to delete unwanted information, and more with a simple control-stick operation.

Console Highlights:

  • Large LCD window with easy-to-read characters
  • Automatic test sequencing
  • Automatically calculates appropriate statistics
  • Measures in pounds, kilograms, Newtons and degrees
  • Wireless console is independent of the testing device, allowing the tester to
    review the data during active testing without influencing patient effort.

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  • Commander Echo® Muscle Testing Dynamometer +

    Quickly and accurately quantify muscle strength and identify areas of weakness with the Commander Echo Muscle Tester Dynamometer. Save Time Test protocols can be customized according to number of tests, starting force, Newtons, Kilograms or Pounds and number of repetitions Identify patterns of weakness Innovative pop-in “quick connect” system makes changing test Read More
  • Commander Echo® Grip Dynamometer +

    For hand strength testing or voluntary maximal effort evaluations, the Commander Echo Grip Dynamometer is the fastest, more versatile, portable grip testing system. Save Time Performs 5-position, rapid exchange and sustained grip tests Displays maximum force, coefficient of variation (CV), right and left average force and bilateral deficit Do More Evaluate voluntary maximal Read More
  • Commander Echo® Dual Inclinometers +

    JTECH’s inclinometers provide more features and functionality than any non-computerized inclinometer system. It makes spine and extremity range of motion (ROM) measurement even faster and easier. Save Time Measure true range of motion plus movement at the upper and lower extremes of the spine segment without resetting the inclinometer placement Perform Read More
  • Commander Echo® Goniometer +

    The Goniometer is designed to help evaluate range of motion in both large extremity joints and small finger joints.It is a breakthrough for range of motion (ROM) evaluation of the extremities, hands and feet. This incredibly efficient product streamlines both evaluation and documentation so you can achieve more productive treatment Read More
  • Commander Echo® Pinch Dynamometer +

    From standard to custom pinch tests, Commander Echo Pinch Dynamometer is the convenient way to collect pinch strength data for hand therapy, post-offers, Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs), repetitive trauma disorders, or any evaluation that requires pinch strength information. Save Time Displays maximum force, coefficient of variation (CV), right and left Read More
  • Commander Echo® Algometer +

    The Commander Echo Algometer easily measures pressure thresholds and pain tolerances reported by patients. Algometry is ideal for helping evaluate fibromyalgia and trigger point tenderness. Save Time Innovative pop-in “quick connect” system makes changing test pads fast and easy Console stores 20 tests with up to 4 repetitions per side of Algometer readings Do Read More
  • Commander Echo® Static Force Gauge Dynamometer +

    Designed to be versatile, the Commander Echo™ Wireless Static Force Gauge is the perfect dynamometer to use when performing Job Analyses, Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs), Ergonomic Studies, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Lift Tests and much more. Save Time Displays maximum force, Coefficient of Variation (CV), and Read More
  • Commander Echo Downloader® +

    Commander Echo Downloader software enables you to create quick but meaningful reports from the data collected on the Commander Echo Console with the click of a button. The easy-to-use Commander Echo Downloader software(CM311) interfaces directly with the Commander Echo Console eliminating dictation and transcription errors. Reports generated are in color Read More
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