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Our CAT Accessories allow you to customize your CAT to fit your comfort needs and the needs of your client. The Palm and Finger Pads provide greater comfort and a firm grip during use, while the CAT holster provides a convenient way to carry around your CAT products when not in use. The Cervical Tip reduces velocity without reducing force for sensitive adjustment areas.



Cervical Tip (CT004) - The Cervical Tip fits directly over the tip of the CAT, reducing velocity without reducing force. Compatable with "The Original" CAT, CAT EX, and CAT Pro Select. The Cervical Tip is not available for the CAT LT models.




Rubber Palm Pad (CT007) - This ergonomically designed palm pad adds style and comfort to your CAT. The palm pad rests comfortably in your palm and adds plenty of cushion to help reduce stress to your hand and arm when performing adjustments.




Rubber Finger Pad (CT008) - The ergonomically designed finger pad adds style and comfort to your CAT. The finger pad cradles your fingers so they rest comfortably and your grip is firm when activating the CAT.




Rubber Palm and Finger Pad Set (CT009) - Buy the palm and finger pad set and you instantly save $8.95



Holster (CT003) - The holster is the perfect way to store and carry your CAT. The CAT holster is durable yet light and will accommodate any of the CAT models. The convenient clip allows you to attach the holster to your belt so your CAT is with you at all times.




Package of 5 Disposable Soft Tips (CT002) for "The Original" CAT, CAT EX, CAT ProSelect, and Cervical tip 




CAT Case (9AK114) Hard case with soft foam for storing your CAT and Cervical Tip.


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Adjusting Tool Overhaul

Want your old device to work like new again? With our factory overhaul, you can.
Send in your CAT and our technicians will inspect the interior and exterior components and replace worn parts. Contact JTECH Customer Service at (800) 985-8324 option 4 for more information.