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Tracker Freedom® Wireless Dual Inclinometry

Tracker Freedom Dual InclinometryTracker Freedom Wireless Dual Inclinometry is a breakthrough for fast, reliable Range of Motion testing. Our completely wireless radio frequency inclinometers make instrument placement easier and testing more efficient. With spine and extremity testing protocols outlined in the American Medical Association's (AMA) Guides and The Practical Guide to Range of Motion Assessment, Tracker Freedom Inclinometry systems provide the objective range of motion data you need for treatment planning, progress tracking, patient education and impairment rating.

Spine Range of Motion with Tracker Freedom Dual InclinometersDocumenting Spine Range of Motion 
According to the AMA, dual inclinometry is the preferred method for quantifying the compound motions of the spine. Using dual inclinometry protocols from the AMA, Tracker Freedom Inclinometry systems automatically subtract extraneous spine motion to simplify documentation and provide true ROM readings. The systems come with built-in protocols for cervical, thoracic and lumbar motions, including antalgic/ankylosed positions.

Expanded Testing Capabilities 
In addition to spine motion, Tracker Freedom Inclinometry systems perform double duty as a fast, convenient tool for documenting extremity motion. The systems come complete with testing protocols published by the AMA for all large extremity joints, including lagged and ankylosed motions.

Advanced New Software Package 
Tracker™ Version 5 Inclinometry features intuitive navigation making the system easier to use while also providing a high degree of flexibility when you want it. The system integrates seamlessly with other Tracker Freedom components through the Tracker Version 5 Software Engine to offer you the most versatile evaluation and documentation system available.

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Inclinometry Software Features

  • Completly computerized range of motion equipment with digital inclinometers and documentation and reporting software.
  • 24 built-in standard test protocols for spine and extremity evaluation
  • Video help demonstrating all standard tests
  • Antalgic or ankylosed spine motions protocols
  • Immobile and lagged extremity joint motion protocols
  • Active and passive extremity ROM protocols
  • Option to use AMA validity criteria, required for impairment rating, or coefficient of variation (CV) for spine motion evaluation
  • Automatic comparison of results to AMA norms
  • Test-to-test progress comparison graph in testing screen
  • Report generator for effective data, narrative and progress reports
  • Pleasant voice prompts that walk you through tests
  • Online training and support

While completely wireless inclinometers may seem like a luxury to some clinicians, they provide significant advantages over cable-connected system.

Wireless inclinometry allows you to...

  • Organize the exam area for more efficient testing instead of accommodating cable lengths
  • Move freely without dragging cords across and around the patient
  • Eliminate the weight and pull from cords that cause instrument slippage and inaccurate results
  • Save money, as wireless inclinometry costs less than cable-connected systems