Tracker™ Version 5 Software

The New Standard in Functional Testing and Documentation

Tracker Version 5 Logo and overviewIn today's healthcare, functional testing and documentation are vital to a successful evidence-based physical medicine practice. For patient care, they establish the need for care, determine ability levels, and verify treatment efficacy. For your practice, they lay a foundation for credible patient care and furnish the objective evidence necessary to overcome post-payment audits. With a Tracker Functional Testing and Documentation System, your practice is at the forefront of evidence-based patient care.

Tracker Version 5 Software is the heart of the Tracker Functional Testing and Documentation System. With our most intuitive interface ever, Tracker Version 5 Software simplifies patient file management, provides comprehensive Intake and Physical/Neurological documentation, seamlessly integrates all Tracker 5 modules (like Objective Inclinometry Range of Motion, Hand Evaluation, FCE and Impairments), and streamlines report writing.


Tracker Version 5 Software Features

  • You will save countless hours of documenting and reporting work
  • Automatic data collection and documentation with Tracker Freedom® Wireless Instruments
  • Document patient complaints, history, and work status in convenient Intake section
  • Record vital signs, pain, reflexes, sensation, orthopedic tests and more in Physical/Neurological section
  • Automatically create narrative reports with point-and-click simplicity
  • Lets you arrange data and narratives reports how you want them
  • Save time with reusable report templates for even faster reporting
  • Repeat previous exam with a single button click for easier serial testing, no need to waste time recreating tests
  • Get test results and patient progress in the unique Analyze Data section
  • Allows you to use multiple databases
  • Powerful tools to create custom tests that meet your clinical needs
  • Gives you more flexibility to test and document the way you want
  • Optional modules like Functional Capacity Testing and Employer Services to expand your capabilities
  • Optional add-ons to Integrate and shares data with EMR systems
  • Gives you the confidence that you can provide your best care without worrying about data collection and reporting

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