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Top-Notch Programming

Tracker 5 forms the core of JTECH Medical's Objective Functional Testing Solutions, providing a rich selection, such as an intuitive user interface.

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Loads of Features

JTECH Medical has a vast assortment products with major and minor features, which makes testing customization easy and your clinic productive. Need help? Our Clinic Consultants are ready to help you discover all of the different product features you need.

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EasyDocs™ 5

Now there is an easier way to manage patient files, track progress and outcomes, and to create professional documentation

EasyDocs 5 software is Windows-based for easy operation. Navigation through EasyDocs 5 is as simple as using your mouse.

Manage Patient Evaluation Files

EasyDocs 5 conveniently keeps track of all your patient evaluation data so you can quickly create new patient files, enter new data, access data from previous evaluations, edit patient information and create reports. With EasyDocs 5 your patient data is always at your fingertips.

Track Progress and Outcomes

EasyDocs 5 automatically generates color bar graphs that show results over time from objective functional tests and subjective outcomes measures so you can meet the growing demand for outcomes verification. Correlating both components gives you exceptionally strong evidence of patient progress.

Create Professional Documentation

EasyDocs 5 quickly creates professional documentation from patient data, musculoskeletal testing and outcomes measures. In just minutes you can incorporate text, charts, graphs and even pictures into comprehensive reports with point-and-click simplicity. EasyDocs 5 also lets you create and save report templates so that creating common reports becomes more simple.


Patient Information

This section is used to create and manage basic patient files.  All information (patient specific, referral sources, employer, etc.) can be used when generating reports.



The intake section of the software is used to document general information collected during the intake interview, such as work history, symptoms, deep tendon reflexes and outcomes questionnaires. The physical section is used to document initial elements of the patient examination such as heart rate, blood pressure, height, weight and more.


Test Data

This section facilitates the documentation of instrumented evaluation for strength and range of motion. Data collected with a variety of instruments including inclinometers, goniometers, algometers, and dynamometers (grip, pinch and lifting gauges) is easily entered into the software using the keyboard. Once test data is entered, the software performs statistical calculations such as Coefficient of Variation (CV), bliateral differences, and normative comparisons where appropriate.

Report Writer

Conveying findings to patients, referral and third-party payers is becoming increasingly important. The report writer helps you to present documentation in an effective, professional manner with minimum time and effort. The report writer does more than throw a few canned words on the page. You can include charts, graphs and other elements that will bring the report to life. Templates are easily created for reports that are repeated to make report writing even less cumbersome. The report writer can create narrative reports that are transferred to your word processing program for editing and printing or worksheet reports that clearly and concisely present the data that you collected during your evaluation.