Computer Specifications for EasyDocs™ 5 Software

The following computer system requirements must be met for JTECH’s EasyDocs 5 Software to function correctly. Although the software can run on systems that do not meet all the requirements, JTECH does not guarantee its performance.

The following system requirements have been established.

  Minimum Requirement Recommended
Operating System* Windows Vista Windows 7
CPU 1.5 GHz (Core 2 Duo or equivelent) 2 GHz+ (Core 2 Duo or equivelent)
Memory (RAM) 2GB 4GB+
Display 1024 x 768 px 1366 x 768 px +
Hard Disk Space 3GB Free 5GB or more Free
Other Audio output capability with speakers
Microsoft Word® 2007 or newer
CD/DVD or USB port for Software installation
Audio output capability with speakers
Color Printer
Microsoft Word® 2010 or newer
CD/DVD or USB port for Software installation

Important Notice: For customer service calls, it is necessary to have a telephone located within reach of the computer running the EasyDos5. This is vital during installation and technical support calls as you will need to access the computer while working with our customer service staff. Without a telephone located near the computer, JTECH representatives and support staff will be unable to provide you with proper, timely service.

*Windows 8 RT is not a supported operating system for Tracker 5 software. Older editions of Windows and Windows XP Home edition are not recommended or supported for Tracker Version 5 Software.

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