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July Special: Dualer IQ Pro and Online Education

Dualer IQ ProAdd range of motion testing to your clinic with the Dualer IQ Pro for a killer price, and get a FREE online education inclinometry course!

This standalone solution for measuring joint mobility and spinal range of motion is now even more tantalizing! Through the end of July, this professional dual inclinometry solution includes our popular online education course in inclinometry for the low priced for $895 on the JTECH Web Store!

Why test range of motion? Range of motion affects all of your patient's functional activities and daily living tasks. Performing accurate evaluations of a patient's range of motion provides you with key data for supporting successful patient outcomes.

With this promotion's included free online education course in inclinometry you will learn how to collect physical evaluation measurements to maximize your potential. Get answers to common questions and find out the best practices for range of motion measurement!

Learn more about Dualer IQ Pro dual inclinometry by reading up on the features list. Contact us to discover how objective range of motion measurement can improve your practice and patient outcomes

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