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Pain Evaluation Special

TF104 Algometry model 2Limited time offer, add remanufactured Pain Evaluation Tools to your existing Tracker or Eval Express system starting at the low price of $1759. Our Algometers give you the tools necessary to objectively evaluate pain and pressure sensitivity. With the included software module you can maximize your valuable time by quickly gathering data, and generating graphical progress reports in seconds. Pain Evaluation with our compact wireless instrument and software system allows you to objectively quantify pain resulting from neurological, muscular and skeletal injury or disease. Our systems help you objectively establish the need for care, verify treatment efficacy and demonstrate outcomes as a result of care. Now is the best time to buy a remanufactured Algometer starting at the low price of $1759.

But wait, there's more! Our unique modular design guarantees that you can expand your Tracker system to meet the needs of your growing practice now and well into the future. Consider these popular addons to maximize your system’s value: Hand evaluation with Grip gauges, Pinch gauges, or Goniometers;  or Lift task assessment with a Static Force Gauge. Call Today +1 (800) 985-8324 to speak to one of JTECH Medical’s Regional Sales Representatives to get your remanufactured Pain Evaluation tools for the Limited time low starting price of $1759. Mention Code: PE2014

Quantify Your Rehab Results!

JTECH’s Hand and Extremity instruments provide a comprehensive and flexible system that gives you accurate, yet quantifiable data to measure and document your patient’s progress.

What is important to both you and your patients?

If it's the ability to know they are getting better, JTECH products are here to help. Now you can quantify and qualify your results with the help of JTECH devices and software. With several options to fit various clinic needs, and the option to add equipment and modules as you go, we have the right equipment for you. Check out our products below for more information

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