CAT® LT - Low Thrust Chiropractic Adjusting Tool

CT011-CAT-LTThe CAT LT (CT011) comes with a tip that tapers gently down to 0.5cm2 and stands out with its revolutionary blue coloring. With 15 referenced force settings, this device can be adjusted from 10 to 23 AFR (Average Force Range measured in pounds-force). A great tool for delicate adjustments. For greater comfort and a firm grip, try our Palm and Finger Pads.

The warranty on the premium CAT LT device is 12-months.

CAT LT Specifications
Weight: 0.38 pounds
Length: 5.7"
Width: 2.9"
Depth: 0.92"
Thrust Range: 10-23 AFR
Tip Size: 0.5 cm2
Accessories Available: Replaceable Rubber Tips, Holster, Palm and Finger Pads


CAT LT (0.5 cm2 tip) Suggested Retail Price - $259

CT011-CAT-LT-Detail 0.5cm TipCT010_CT011_CT012-CAT-Reference_Settings_DetailCT010 CAT LT 9AK114 Case 200px